DIA functions and relations with law enforcement authorities in the field of preventive and criminal operations are regulated by the legislative decree n. 159 of 2011.  On the basis of a thorough analysis of the Mafia-type actvities, DIA is in charge of predicting crime trends so to immediately target criminal investigations and more effectively cope with Mafia-type crimes.

The core of DIA activities is the following:

The core of DIA investigations is mainly criminals rather than single crimes.  DIA does not usually intervene on the basis of a notitia criminis but after having analyzed the criminal phenomenon as a whole and Mafia-type associations.  DIA investigations aim at  ascertaining:

  • responsibility;
  • role
  • criminal features
  • offences

of each Mafia member.

The investigations are concentrated on strategically selected targets, without wasting  information and investigative efforts. DIA closely works with the law enforcement offices and authorities, which provide any type of cooperation to DIA personnel.

The “International Relations with Investigative Purposes” Branch promotes and develops any link – at the information and operational level – with foreign bodies, which are specialized in the fight against organized crime. It cooperates with the main investigating authorities of the EU Countries and the law enforcement authorities of other continental areas (non-EU countries, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania).

The Third Branch participates in the main law enforcement multilateral forums, which are focused on the prevention and fight against transnational organized crime.