The Direzione Investigativa Antimafia (Antimafia Investigation Department) (DIA), set up within Public Security Department, with the Law Decree 345/1991, article nr.3 (now art. 108 of the Law Decree 159/2011), is an investigative agency having a mono-functional competence. It is made up of specialized personnel coming from different law enforcement agencies, with the exclusive task of carrying out, in a coordinated way, preventive investigations targeting organized crime, as well as judicial investigations only on mafia-type crimes or mafia-related crimes. Intelligence activities, in detail, are focused on structures, articulations as well as national and international links, objectives and modus operandi of mafia criminal organizations. Every six months, the Minister of the Interior reports DIA activities and achievements to the Italian Parliament. The DIA is headed by a Director selected, in turn, from the highest ranking officers of the Polizia di Stato, Carabinieri Corps and Guardia di Finanza having a specific experience in the fight against organized crime. DIA Director, to carry out his duties, is assisted by two Deputy Directors – one of them represents or replaces the Director in his absence – who respectively supervise the operational and administrative activities. At central level, the DIA consists of the Cabinet and three Branches, respectively charged of “Preventive Investigations”, ”Judicial Investigations” and “International Relations with Investigative Purposes”, respectively and seven staff Offices. To carry out its activities, the DIA, works in close connection with law enforcement agencies, and avails itself of a peripheral structure made up of twelve Field Offices and nine Resident Offices which, through a clear distribution, control the whole national territory. Among strategic objectives, a special relevance is given to the countering of economic and financial power by the organized crime, developed through more tools and different stages. To this effect, considerable attention has been given to the attack of huge illicit assets, which by effect of a specific legislation, are returned to the community; furthermore the DIA is also involved in the fight against mafia infiltration in financial and entrepreneurial sectors, having a distortive effect on free competition. As to this last sector, jointly with the Prefetture (Government Territorial Offices) special attention is focused on mafia infiltration in Public Tenders.