The investigative activity, aimed at combating the infiltration of Campania organized crime into the toxic waste disposal system, has enabled the Naple’s DIA Operations Centre, to enforce – on 4 January 2006- a pre-trial detention measure issued against CHIANESE Cipriano, an entrepreneur operating in the sector of urban and toxic waste disposal, held to be responsible for mafia-type association, extortion, aggravated fraud against the State, fraudulent misrepresentation, document fraud and other serious offences.
At a later stage, the DIA, in cooperation with local police forces, enforced 15 additional  pre-trial detention measures against as many subjects held to be responsible for analogous offences and, in two cases, also for corruption and fraudulent misrepresentation, in relation to irregular procedures concerning the setting up of a testing board within the waste-derived fuel production plant in the Campania region.
In this operational context, movables and immovables have been seized to the global value of over € 82 mln, including a plant used for the processing and disposal of waste, located in Gricignano (CE), valued at over € 1 mln.
In particular, on 9 December 2012 Cipriano CHIANESE was once again arrested, together with Francesco BIDOGNETTI, Gaetano CERCI, a waste contractor linked to the Bidognetti family, and other individuals for malicious disaster and poisoning of groundwaters. The mafia methods used to facilitate the CASALESI clan-BIDOGNETTI family represent an aggravating circumstance.
One year later, on 9 December 2013, CHIANESE was arrested for extortion – the mafia element being an aggravating circumstance – in complicity with Carlo VERDE, a Casalesi clan member. They had forced the owners of a company dealing also with waste transportation and previously belonging to Chianese’s brother to sell the company shares and premises.
Over the years, a number of non-conviction based seizure orders signed by the DIA director were executed, as well as property-related prevention measures against CHIANESE.
On 12.03.2008 a confiscation order issued by the Santa Maria Capua Vetere Court – Preventive Measures Section, was executed concerning the total amount of R.E.S.I.T. shares, capitals and capital goods.
On 18.04.2013 the a.m. Court issued an asset confiscation order in addition to the previous ones and the police special surveillance measure was implemented against CHIANESE, with the obligation not to leave his place of residence for three years and six months.
In January 2019 CHIANESE was sentenced to 18 years’ imprisonment by the Appellate Court for environmental disaster in relation to the R.E.S.I.T. dump located in Giugliano. Gaetano CERCI, the waste contractor linked to the Casalesi clan and, in particular to the Bidognetti family, was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment pending the final ruling of the Highest Court (Corte di Cassazione).