Profilo basso

On 21 January 2021 the DIA, in cooperation with the Italian Police, the Carabinieri Corps and the Financial Police, executed a precautionary order against 50 people (thirteen in prison, thirty-five under house arrest, one prohibition of abode and one obligation to report to the criminal police on the days and the times specified by the judge).
The measure – imposed by the I.M. at the Court of  Catanzaro upon request of the Italian DDA that fully embraced the investigative results produced by the Catanzaro Resident Office – highlighted the involvement of a mafia-type association, bargaining of votes between politicians and members of the mafia, laundering, utilization of money/goods or benefits of unlawful origin, self-laundering, fraudulent transfer of values, trafficking in illicit influences, interference with auctions, aiding and abetting as well as embezzlement, extortion, undue inducement to give or promise benefits, corruption and offer of a bribe.
During the searches, approximately 250 thousand euros in cash, 23 fine watches (included 21 Rolex watches) and a pistol with abraded serial number were found and seized.
In addition, 59 companies, current accounts, real estate units and cars were seized for a total value of approximately 150 million euros.
The investigations, launched in 2016 against some subjects belonging to the most important ‘ndrine of Crotone, Isola Capo Rizzuto and Cutro, called “Bonaventura”, “Aracri”, “Arena” and “Grande Aracri”, in contact with local entrepreneurs and figures of the regional political landscape, were carried out performing numerous telephone, telematic and environmental interceptions, shadowing and observations as well as checks on assets on over 1600 bank and postal current accounts, the analysis of about 300,000 banking transactions and over 170 reports of suspicious transactions.
That activity made it possible to collect irrefutable evidence of guilt against the subjects under investigations and detect the illegal transfer of over 230 million euros as well as a cash withdrawal of over 25 million euros.