On 13 December 2013, within the “Eden” operation, the DIA of Trapani carried out numerous pre-trial detention orders, together with Carabinieri, State Police and Guardia di Finanza.
The DIA, in particular, carried out a pre-trial detention order against MESSINA DENARO Anna Patrizia, younger sister of the fugitive MESSINA DENARO Matteo, as, under the conditions laid down in article 416 bis of the Italian Penal Code, extorted a large sum of money from a local woman who succumbed to extortion threats.
Among the other subjects arrested there were GUTTADAURO Francesco, Rosalia MESSINA DENARO’s son, another sister of the fugitive, CIMAROSA Lorenzo, MESSINA DENARO Mario and FILARDO Giovanni.
The activity in question was part of a wider context of convergent investigation efforts by the Police Forces, coordinated by the Anti-Mafia Prosecutor’s office in Palermo, aimed at disjointing the Mafia gangs of southern Trapani and locating the well-known fugitive of Castelvetrano, by neutralizing the subjects who facilitate his state of being in hiding.
In fact, within the institutional activities aimed at capturing fugitives, the Direzione Investigativa Antimafia has repeatedly broken the connections between the boss MESSINA DENARO Matteo and his contacts in the territories of origin and, at the same time, undermined their economic soundness through a targeted and repeated “aggression” on the assets illegally accumulated by gangs.