In 2013, the Field Office of the  Direzione Investigativa Antimafia in Reggio Calabria, following a proposal for the application of a personal and asset prevention measure formulated by the Director of the DIA, carried out a distraint of possessions  issued by the Court of Reggio Calabria, Prevention  Measures Bureau, against OLIVERI Vincenzo, a well-known entrepreneur in the oil sector with a considerable interest in the hotel as well as in the restaurant sectors, not only in Calabria but also in the regions of Abruzzo and Emilia-Romagna.
OLIVERI Vincenzo, since the 1980s, was involved in several criminal proceedings particularly involving a lot of companies of the so-called OLIVERI Group aimed at committing associative crimes aimed at aggravated fraud, commercial fraud, issuing and use of invoices for non-existent transactions, this last instrument used to unduly obtain AIMA (now AGEA- Italian Agricultural Payments Agency) contributions assigned to the agricultural sector for the production, processing and marketing of olive oil­­. 
The entrepreneur, together with his brother OLIVERI Antonio and his father OLIVERI Matteo Giuseppe were arrested in 2010 along with other people in execution of a precautionary custody order issued by the Palmi Court as charged with criminal association, aggravated fraud and other crimes, for undue receipt of contributions paid to the OLIVERI Group. In the same context, the entire assets of the Group, estimated at around 700 million euros, have been seized and only the sum of about 18 million euros corresponding to the profit from the crime have been retained.
The operation, carried out by the DIA Field Office in Reggio Calabria with the cooperation of the staff of the DIA Field Office in  Naples along with the DIA Resident Offices in Bologna and Catanzaro, culminated with the seizure of the corporate assets and the shareholdings of 23 firms, 39 properties, 8 vehicles, 385 AGEA instruments (concerning the right to receive a Community aid amounting to about 16,180,000.00 euros) as well as corporate and personal financial means for the total amount of about 325 million euros.
In 2015 the a/m Field Office Centre, further to a proposal signed by the Prosecuting Magistrate of Reggio Calabria, executed another order of distraint of possessions ordered by the local Court –  Prevention Measures Bureau, concerning a building and a surrounding land, located in Gioia Tauro, whose total value can be estimated at around 700,000 euros.