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In the context of the investigative activity coordinated by the District Antimafia Prosecutor’s Office of Rome, called “GRANDE MURAGLIA“, which stemmed from the statements of collaborator of justice GIULIANO Salvatore and aimed at:

  • detecting the infiltration of the “GIULIANO clan” in the Cassino area;
  • shedding light on the clan’s activities in the management and marketing of counterfeit goods produced in China in the capital city of Campania and throughout the Lazio region;

the DIA’s Field Office in Rome acquired a number of elements highlighting both the high criminal profile and the continuing social dangerousness of TERENZIO Vincenzo Gabriele and of his son TERENZIO Luigi,  linked by historical and proven criminal relations with the Camorra clans of the GIULIANOS and the ANASTASIOS, with the DE ANGELISES – linked to the CASALESIS, as well as with the NICOLETTIS of the so-called “BANDA della MAGLIANA”.
The activities carried out by the DIA’s Field Office of Rome allowed:

  • the Judicial Authority in Rome – the District Antimafia Prosecutor’s Office to make a request for the issuing of a pre-trial detention order against the Terenzios since they were held responsible for serious crimes aggravated by the mafia method (articles 110, paragraph 8, 416, 474, 517 and 648 of the Criminal Code and article 7 of Law No. 203/91), which was accepted by the Judge for Preliminary Investigations in July 2008;
  • the Field Office of Rome to acquire data useful to request the issuance of a prevention measure against them.

The results of the investigations documented how the TERENZIOs’ wealth and assets derived almost exclusively from criminal activities they had been carried out since the 1980s (frauds, fraudulent bankruptcy, tax fraud, possession of and trade in counterfeit clothing, failure to declare exports of capital, issuing and using false invoices for non-existent transactions, criminal conspiracy to defraud, forgery, handling of stolen goods, tax evasion and money laundering).
The assessments of the Field Office were shared by the District Antimafia Prosecutor’s Office of Rome and by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Frosinone, which deposited at the competent Court, on 28.04.2009, a proposal for the application of personal and property-based prevention measures against TERENZIO Vincenzo Gabriele and TERENZIO Luigi.
The prevention proceedings initiated at the Court of Frosinone developed as follows:

  • on 15 July 2009 the Court of Frosinone – Section for Prevention Measures – applied, against said TERENZIO Vincenzo Gabriele and TERENZIO Luigi, the prevention measure  (Decree No. 9/2009 R. M.P.) of  special surveillance of public security for the duration of two years with the obligation of residence in the municipality of residence or habitual abode, as well as the seizure of movable and immovable assets for a total value estimated at 150 million Euros:
  • 41 building units located in Cassino (FR);
  • 1 hotel located in Amaseno (FR);
  • 22 pieces of land located in Cassino and in Amaseno;
  • 10 companies (operating in the real estate sector, motor vehicle trade, clothing trade, hotel management) based in Cassino and Rome;
  • 2 boats;
  • 35 passenger cars;
  • 48 bank deposits and accounts held with credit institutions and financial intermediaries operating in the province of Rome and Frosinone.

The seizure was executed by personnel from the DIA’s Field Office of Rome on the morning of 3 September 2009.

  • On 07.2011, the Court of Frosinone – Section for Prevention Measures – by Decree No. 9/09 RMP, ordered the confiscation of the movable and immovable assets registered in the name of said two persons or in any case referable to them through family members or nominees, which had been already seized by the Field Office of Rome on 03.09.2009 and on subsequent dates.

The two persons in question and the third parties concerned (their figureheads):

  • REA Coralla, born in Rome on 06.1973, residing in Lugano (Helvetic Confederation);
  • TERENZIO Anna Rita, born in Cassino (FR) on 12.1977 and residing there;
  • TERENZIO Enzo, born in Cassino (FR) on 07.1989, residing there and domiciled at Cervaro (FR);
  • COVELLI Marzia, born in Avellino (AV) on 10.10.1991, residing in Cassino (FR) and domiciled at Cervaro (FR);
  • FERRANTE Fabrizio, born in Cassino (FR) on 07.1973 and residing there;
  • SPADA Pierfrancesco, born in Erice (TP) on 03.1977 and residing in San Vito Lo Capo (TP);

lodged an appeal before the Court of Appeal of Rome against the confiscation.

  • On 04.2012, the Court of Frosinone, based on the findings of further investigations carried out by the Field Office of Rome in cooperation with Swiss investigative bodies, issued against TERENZIO Luigi another seizure order concerning a prestigious building located in the centre of Lugano and five bank accounts held in Swiss credit institutions.
  • On 4 July 2013, the Court of Appeal – Criminal Section IV – Prevention Measures – rejected the appeal submitted by filing its decision on 23 September 2013. The Field Office of Rome received said Decree the subsequent day for execution, which was started on Monday 30 September 2013.
  • On 04.2016, the Supreme Court of Cassation rejected the appeals submitted by the two persons in question and the third parties concerned against the Court of Appeal’s Decree. The confiscation of the assets has therefore become final.